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The power of your desktop...from your iPad

Your computer is a powerful tool, but it's hard to carry it around the classroom with you, which is a problem for anyone who wants to teach with technology without running back and forth or sitting chained to their desk.

Netop Vision Mobile channels the full functionality of your desktop computer into your iPad, freeing you to walk the classroom, stand by a student's side and be where you're needed - while still able to use all the functions on your computer. You get the power of your your hand.

What can I do with it?

The classroom management solution that lets you teach with technology without being chained to your desk. Run a presentation from anywhere in the room. Maintain presence among your students, without losing access to your desktop. When class meets in the library and you need a file, you don't have to run back to your room to get it: you can pull it up on your iPad. Better yet, when combined with Vision or Vision Pro, Vision Mobile lets you actively manage and monitor each of your students' computers from your iPad, whether you're at their side, at your desk or walking the room.

Advantages of Netop's Vision Mobile iPad Classroom App

  • Untie yourself from your desk. Stretch your legs. You don't have to be stuck at your desk anymore to teach with your computer. Vision Mobile lets you access any resource on your desktop, from anywhere in your classroom, the moment you need it.

  • Robust, intuitive, familiar. The Vision Mobile touch-screen lets you tap, flick, pinch open, pinch close - all the iOS gestures you're already using. It also puts standard desktop controls at your fingertips: drag and drop, full keyboard, hot keys and right/left mouse button control. And when combined with Vision or Vision Pro, it provides full iPad classroom management functionality (not a stripped-down toolset) from the same Vision dashboard.

  • The best of the best in speed and security. Highly reliable connectivity, with or without Internet access. Password protection, so your data stays secure. Real-time screen transfer, making commands and screen-changes instantaneous. When it comes to speed and security, Netop Vision Mobile leads the pack.

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