NetOp Vision TeachPad

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The Netop TeachPad is a simple, five-button control pad that plugs into your computer's USB port, letting you operate Vision's core classroom management features with the push of a button.

This simple control pad provides a direct shortcut to the fundamental capabilities of Vision classroom management - no prior knowledge required. It lets you hit the ground running, so you can start using Vision right away... even while you're still learning about it.

If you share computers with other teachers (for instance, in a library or computer lab), TeachPad makes Vision accessible to everyone involved.

If you have to miss class, it puts the power in your substitute's hands, giving them the tools they need to monitor your classroom, minimize distractions and keep your students on task.

What can this classroom management solution do for you?

  • Start using Vision effectively, immediately, even while you're still learning

  • Make it easy on substitutes to manage your classroom when you're gone

  • Get Vision's core features from a simple push-button control pad

  • Make Vision accessible in computer labs with multiple teachers

  • Turn students' Internet access on or off

  • Make student screens go blank, locking keyboards and mice

  • Demonstrate on classroom computers right from your workstation

  • View a live image of each screen in your class

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