Nord C2D Manual Dual 61-Key Semi Weighted Combo Organ AMS-NCOMBO-2D

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The Nord C2D Manual Dual 61-Key Semi-Weighted Combo Organ is an industry-leading portable organ designed to produce realistic simulations of the B3 tone wheel organ as well as Vox and Farfisa transistor organs. It features two, medium weighted keyboards with 61 waterfall keys and two sets of physical drawbars. In addition to tone wheel and transistor organ simulation, it also features a carefully sampled baroque pipe organ which offers a rich sound palette and a wide range of expression.

The C2D provides improved mechanical key click simulation and a redesigned percussion model offering more control while playing near-legato. It also comes with an onboard effects section featuring two rotary speaker simulators, Twin and JC guitar amp models, 3-band EQ, feedback delay and six reverb effects.

As if that wasn't enough, the C2D also features couplers that can activate combinations of different stops from the lower and upper manuals. The pedal division features three bass stops that can be played from the lower manual or an optional MIDI pedal board. Rotary speaker simulation can be controlled by dedicated buttons, a foot pedal, or attach a real rotary speaker to its 11-pin output. Plus, its stereo 1/8" input allows you to plug in a MP3 or CD player and practice or play along with any song.

Organ Section

  • Classic Tonewheel Organ, Vox Continental and Farfisa-models with full polyphony
  • Dual manuals with 61, medium weighted waterfall keys
  • Baroque style Pipe Organ with 21 stops. Polyphony depends on the stops being used
  • Bass models include tonewheel, synthbass and pipe organ bass
  • Six drawbar presets per program location
  • Two sets of drawbars per manual with left hand drawbar preset panel
  • Percussion controls plus Vibrato, Chorus and Tremulant control

Effect Section

  • Overdrive, 3-band EQ, Delay with feedback and tap-tempo function plus six Reverb algorithms
  • Three types of Speaker Simulations including two Rotary Speaker models with selectable speed
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