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The Novation Circuit Groove Box is a compact and portable groove box designed to be used in the studio or on the go for professional producers and DJs. The machine offers 6-voice polyphony and features a 2-part synth engine, a 4-part drum and sample machine, and a 4x8 grid of velocity-sensitive (RGB) sequencer pads. There are 64 production-ready patches and loads of oscillator types and wave tables to get you going right out of the box.

The sequencer offers real-time and step-input recording and offers a time and key lock to ensure all of your sounds lock to tempo and blend harmonically. The 8 synth macro encoders allow you to record and playback multiple synth parameter tweaks in real time. Combine up to 128 steps of synth and drum patterns to complete full songs and save them to the 32 available slots. The on-board reverb and delay add space and dimension to your creations.

The groove box includes Circuit Components, a collection of utilities designed to help you quickly and easily customize your instrument. The Sample Import function allows you to drag and drop up to 60 seconds of sample space across 64 slots. Standard MP3 or WAV files will automatically be converted to a Circuit-friendly format. The Editor gives you unadulterated access to Circuit's two synth engines and macro controls, and the Librarian allows for complete cloud-based backups with session recall from anywhere in the world.

The Circuit is class compliant and connects to any Mac or Windows computer and transfers MIDI via the on-board USB port. The unit is truly portable with its included speaker and includes six AA batteries. A 12 VDC power supply is also included for studio use. The Circuit also ships with a USB cable, two 1/8" / 3.5mm to 5-pin DIN breakout cables, a copy of Ableton Live Lite, and 4GB of Loopmasters sounds and samples.

Novation Circuit Groove Box – Key Features:

  • 2-part Nova-heritage analog-modeled synthesizer
  • 4-part drum machine
  • Sample import with browser-based workflow
  • 32-pad grid of RGB, velocity-sensitive sequencer pads
  • 6-voice polyphony
  • Loads of oscillator types and wavetables
  • 64 production-ready patches
  • Step sequence or build live
  • Lock your music in time, key, and scale
  • Combine ready-made drum patterns
  • Tweak using 8 synth macro encoders with RGB LEDs
  • Record and play back your tweaks
  • Combine up to 128 steps of synth and drum patterns
  • Add delay and reverb effects
  • 32 slots for creating, saving, and playing tunes without a laptop
  • Compact and battery powered
  • Built-in speaker
  • Works with computer and hardware via USB and MIDI
  • Sample Flip:
    • Create multi-sample drum lines on each drum tracks.
    • Select a different sample for each step in all four of the drum tracks
  • Polyrhythmic Drum Patterns: Length of drum patterns 1/2 and 3/4 can now be set independently of the other pair to create polyrhythms and pattern variations
  • Components Standalone: Offers Circuit owners access all of the features of the Components software, without needing to login or to have an active Internet connection
  • Includes 4GB of Loopmasters Samples
  • Fractional Gate:
    • Gate sequencer has six times more precision per step.
    • Enables staccato steps to be programmed per-step and increases variance in melody creation
  • Improved Gate Functionality: Allows sequencer to drive a modular system
  • Synth Patch Preview:
    • Listen to synth patches directly from the selection view
      • Poly patches play the root, third, and fifth notes of the current scale and key
      • Mono patches play the root note
  • MIDI CC Send and Receive: MIDI CC data can be turned on or off to prevent any unwanted parameter changes
  • Drum Micro Steps: Increases the resolution of the Circuit’s drum sequencer by six steps by pressing the Gate button.
  • Panning:
    • Splits the audio into left and right channels, which can be set by turning the knobs
    • Function for muting effects
  • Settings View: Dim the Circuit’s lights as well as change patches on an external synth direct from the Circuit hardware
  • Pattern Chain Sequence:
    • Select up to 32 patterns and 16 chains of patterns in any order
    • Repeat patterns and chains and build up your sequence, while navigating easily between sequences
    • Toggle the append setting to add patterns and chains to an existing pattern sequence, even when playing
  • Tied/Drone Notes:
    • Each step has a tie-forward setting
    • Tie notes together in order to create drone notes and long ambient pads
  • Synth Micro Nudge:
    • Work off the grid by delaying notes on a step from one to five ticks (each step is divided up into six ticks)
    • Create new, more complex rhythms like triplets across the beat

Sound Collective

  • The Sound Collective is a platform that will provide a free third-party software instrument or creative effect to all registered Novation hardware users
  • Register your Novation hardware to access innovative software every two months
  • Free and discounted synthesizers and effects are available when you purchase and register any Novation product
  • Check back every two months for additional free plug-ins
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