Novation Launchpad S MK2 USB MIDI Controller for Ableton Live

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The Novation Launchpad S MK2 USB MIDI Controller now features backlit RGB lighting to illuminate its iconic 8 x 8 grid of pads for launching clips, playing drum racks, and controlling your mixer within Live.

The 64 pads are integrated seamlessly into Ableton Live. The RGB backlighting system is designed to match the color of the clips in your session for intuitive 1:1 production and performance.

Hands-On Control

  • Allows you to launch multiple clips at once, trigger scenes, and navigate your Ableton Live Session

Control Ableton Live

  • Integrates immediately and seamlessly with Ableton Live, without any set up whatsoever

Focus On Your Music

  • Features 64 RGB pads that light up to match the color of your clips within Ableton Live

Play Drum Racks

  • Uses the grid to play drums and samples that are pre-mapped to Ableton Live's drum rack

Mix From Your Grid

  • Allows you to start and stop lops, arm tracks, and control volumes, pans and sends with the eight vertical rows of pads doubling up as stepped faders

Create Eye-Catching Pads

  • Using just USB power, the RGB pads adds visual appeal to your performance on stage

Compact Form Factor

  • Fits in many DJ shoulder-style bags

Build Your Own Creation

  • Works with Max for Live

Build Your Perfect Instrument

  • Allows you to combine more Launchpads or other Launchpads to build a fully hands-on Ableton Live Studio

4GB Loop Library from Loopmasters

  • A 4GB Loopmasters sample library is included with every Novation product and is packed with professional-quality, royalty-free loops and one-shots. The library offers a huge range of electronic and acoustic instrumentation and encompasses all contemporary genres, from blues, funk, and hip-hop to bass, techno, and all flavors of house. It's everything you need to start making music

Learn with Melodics

  • Free keys and pad drumming lessons with Melodics help you get the most out of your controller straight out of the box

Sound Collective

  • The Sound Collective is a platform that will provide a free third-party software instrument or creative effect to all of their registered Novation hardware users every two months
  • Register your Novation hardware to access innovative software every couple of months courtesy of the Sound Collective
  • Free and discounted synthesizers and effects are available every two months, when you purchase and register any Novation product


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