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Olympus DS-2600 2GB Digital Voice Recorder

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The Olympus DS-2600 2GB Digital Voice Recorder is a portable digital voice recorder offering versatile recording modes and resolutions for dictation, interviews, seminars, and more. Record in 16-bit / 22.050 kHz WAV, 64/128 kb/s MP3, or DSS Pro for extended recording time. Record to the internal 2GB flash storage or via separately available SD/SDHC cards up to 32GB in capacity. The built-in rechargeable battery powers the DS-2600 for up to 56 hours of recording time or up to 50 hours of playback time. A 2.4" backlit color TFT LCD displays information such as playback position, file length, battery status, audio level, and recording media.

Audio can be sourced from the two onboard directional microphones or via an external microphone connected to the 3.5mm mini jack. An integrated triple-layer pop filter minimizes distracting noise from breaths and wind. Monitor your recordings through the built-in 320mW speaker or your own 3.5mm jack–equipped headphones. Recording can be triggered via the VCVA voice-activated function or by operating the four-position optical slide switch. The DS-2600 includes a micro-USB charging cable, a carrying case, and a license ID for the Olympus DSS Player Standard R2 Dictation Module.

Olympus DS-2600 2GB Digital Voice Recorder - Key Features:

  • Dual directional microphones for stereo recording capability
  • Triple-layer pop filter reduces noise from breaths and wind
  • Built-in noise cancellation
  • Precise 4-position optical slide switch for record, stop, play, and rewind operations
  • Color 2.4" TFT LCD
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • 2GB internal flash storage
  • Supports SD/SDHC cards up to 32GB

Advanced Recording Features

  • Motion sensor detects movement of the DS-2600 to automatically wake it from sleep
  • Voice-activated recording (VCVA) with 15 sensitivity levels
  • Selectable microphone sensitivity modes of high, middle, low, or auto
  • Insert, overwrite, append, and partially erase in DSS and DSS Pro
  • Insert, overwrite, and append in WAV
  • Up to 16 index marks per file in DSS, or up to 32 index marks per file in WAV, MP3, or DSS Pro
  • Level meter and VCVA indicator

Playback Features

  • Selectable slow, normal, or fast speed
  • Adjustable 0 to 30 volume level
  • Easy cue/review

Flexible Audio I/O

  • 3.5mm input accommodates an external microphone
  • 3.5mm output for connection to headphones
  • Built-in dynamic speaker with 320mW of output power
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