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Passport Music Master Tracks Pro 6.8.x for Windows

SKU: 928005


Passport Designs Master Tracks Pro

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Master Tracks Pro is a professional MIDI sequencing program for Mac and Windows. Record, edit, and play musical compositions on your computer with exceptional ease and accuracy. Play back up to 64 tracks of music with independent track looping. The program's wealth of powerful features, combined with its easy-to-use interface, have set the standard for MIDI recording with professional musicians, amateurs, and multimedia producers alike.

Recording and Playback Features

  • 64 tracks with independent track looping
  • Quickly audition and select sounds for virtually any MIDI synthesizer from Master Tracks Pro's editable Device list. List includes General MIDI, and several popular synthesizers. Customize existing lists or create your own
  • Bank Select lets you switch to alternate banks of sounds in your MIDI instruments
  • Assign any controller like volume, reverb, chorus, or pan to any recordable fader for an automated mix down
  • Step Entry: Input notes in step time with selectable duration, velocity, articulation, and MIDI channel for each note
  • Looping: Loop any number of tracks independently
  • Automated Punch-in: Automatically enter and exit record mode at predetermined "punch" points while your sequence plays
  • SMPTE support: Synchronize your music to film, video, or audiotape
  • See an accurate display of your sequence's elapsed time, stored tempo, playback tempo, and current time signature
  • Control playback and recording; select step-time note duration from your MIDI instrument
  • Import, export, and explode Standard MIDI files: Type 0 or C type 1
  • Big Counter is perfect for monitoring your sequence at a distance
  • Multi-Port support allows for up to 256 MIDI channels

Editing Features

  • Hot Keys add key commands for transposition, quantize, editors, and more
  • Velocity Window shows every note's velocity
  • Graphic note editing: Click and drag with your mouse to change a note's pitch, duration, or timing
  • Note Velocity Stems give you visual velocity editing
  • Event List Editing: Accurately edit note, controller, and time data from an alphanumeric list
  • Change Filter: Simple, one-step editing of notes by their location, duration, pitch, velocity, or channel
  • Cut, Copy, and Paste editing: Insert or delete any selection to modify your music as easily as editing text with a word processor
  • Individual Track Lock lets you transpose your song without affecting drum parts
  • Change note duration, velocity, channel, tempo, or time signature globally or for a specific section
  • Quantize and Humanize: Tighten up timing errors or loosen robotic, step-entered sequences
  • Fit Time: Automatically adjust tempos to make any section fit a specified length of time
  • Zoom in or out: See data in macro or micro views
  • Graphic editing of MIDI controller data complete with ghost notes
  • Snap to Grid allows you to quantize your step entry with a mouse
  • Control the music's feel: Slide selected regions forward or backward in time
  • Song Play List enables you to load and play a whole set list of songs for live performance
  • Sync your music to SMPTE via MIDI Time Code with a MIDI/SMPTE interface
  • Use the Event Editor window as a cue sheet
  • Supports all SMPTE formats for video and film production
  • Save and load MIDI System Exclusive data (voices, drum machine data, etc.) with Pro's built-in Sysex librarian
  • Edit and print your music on a Grand Staff in the Notation Editor
  • Record and play WAV audio directly using Window's MCI commands
  • Trigger MCI media events during playback at any point within a sequence
  • Control multimedia devices or play WAV audio files
  • Support of Windows 3.1 Multimedia Extensions: MIDI Mapper and MCI (Media Control Interface) commands

System Requirements - Windows:

  • Pentium class CPU or greater, 32MB of RAM, SVGA video, PC running Windows 98 or higher (WinME, 2000, or XP preferred)
  • Sound Card required for music playback
  • MIDI interface and MIDI keyboard (or other MIDI instrument) for live recording, and a compatible ink-jet or laser-quality printer for printing sheet music.