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Philips VoiceTracer DVT2810 Audio Recorder with Speech Recognition

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The Philips VoiceTracer DVT2810 Audio Recorder with Speech Recognition is a portable, digital voice recorder designed to provide flexible, high-quality audio recording options, speech recognition/transcription, and plug-and-play computer integration for interviews, presentations, classes, and more. It features two built-in microphones and settings that automatically adjust for your type of audio recording quality.

Start recording at the touch of a button or have the record function begin automatically via a timer or voice activation. Record in PCM (WAV) or MP3 format to the internal 8GB memory. A microSD slot supports additional memory. The low-noise, two-mic system allows stereo recording without the use of external microphones.

Recording time, battery status, stereo volume meters, and more are shown on the 2" (diagonal) backlit LCD color display. Audition files in either slow, normal, or fast playback speed via the built-in 11 x 15mm speaker, or connect your favorite headphones to the 3.5mm headphone jack for isolated listening.

The VoiceTracer is powered by a built-in, rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery, which provides up to 36 hours of recording time. Alternatively, its high-speed USB 2.0 Type-C interface allows you to connect it to a computer running Windows. Finally, speech recognition software eliminates the need to type up your documents. It allows you to automatically transcribe your recordings three times faster than typing and is equipped with a 99% accuracy rate.

Two High-Fidelity Microphones

The Philips VoiceTracer is the perfect companion for recording interviews, conversations, and small meetings. It incorporates two high-quality microphones, so the recordings will always be clear and intelligible, and so no one's voice gets lost.

Stereo MP3 and PCM Recording

Capture your recordings in stereo, MP3 or WAV formats. These formats allow you to play back your files anywhere, and the MP3 format is easy to share with others. The WAV (PCM) format allows stereo recordings of lossless, uncompressed sound in CD quality.

8 GB Internal Memory for up to 88 Days of Recording

Capture and store up to 88 days of continuous recording thanks to the 8 GB of internal memory.

Rechargeable Li-Ion Polymer Battery for Long Recordings

The Li-ion polymer battery is charged through a standard USB Type-C jack that guarantees extended battery life with up to 36 hours for extra-long recordings.

Large Color Display

The large color display offers clear images and makes it easier to see and read everything at first glance. The user interface supports seven languages and is optimized for easy intuitive operation.

Audio Scenes Automatically Create Perfect Audio Settings in Any Situation

This VoiceTracer comes with preset scenes that automatically adjust the audio settings depending on what you want to record. You can record voice notes, audio for speech recognition, interviews, lectures, music, or meetings.

Smart Recordings and Playback Functions

Achieve stunning audio results with the smart recording prerecord and timer functions. Equipped with voice-activation for hands-free recording, which pauses recording when you stop speaking and resumes automatically when you begin speaking again. Recordings can be edited by overwriting a part or adding a new recording at the end. Long recordings can be split automatically or manually into separate files for easier editing or sharing. Smart playback functions, such as bookmarks and filters, make it easier and quicker to find the recording you want.

Plug and Play in Windows

This recorder requires no special installation. Just plug your recorder into your Windows computer and play back your files, or transfer them to the computer.

Speech Recognition Software Eliminates the Need to Type Up Documents

Put an end to tedious typing and create text documents directly from the recorded audio files. The speech recognition software automatically converts your recordings into a text file.

Automatically Transcribe Your Recordings

Using the speech recognition software can be three times quicker than typing up the document yourself. Simply record your documents and notes, connect the recorder to the computer, click the Transcribe button, and the software does the typing for you.

Transcription Accuracy Rate of Up To 99%

The speech recognition software delivers an astounding accuracy rate of up to 99%. It offers safety from misspelling a word, so typos are a thing of the past. In addition, the smart algorithm learns from corrections you make to the transcribed text, so the more you use the software, the more accurate your results become. It also memorizes patterns and commonly grouped words when you speak to predict which words are most likely to occur.

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