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Philips VoiceTracer DVT7110 VoiceTracer Audio Recorder for Video

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The Philips VoiceTracer DVT7110 VoiceTracer Audio Recorder for Video is a portable, digital voice recorder designed to provide flexible, high-quality audio recording options, and plug-and-play computer integration for interviews, presentations, classes, and more. It features a shoe-mount adapter, a fuzzy windscreen, 3.5mm audio cable, and a USB Type-C cable. It is built with three specialized high-fidelity microphones and preset scenes for the most suitable settings for whatever you're recording.

Start recording at the touch of a button or have the record function begin automatically via a timer or voice activation. Remote-controlled recording is available from your smartphone via the VoiceTracer app (free download). Record in PCM (WAV) or MP3 format to the internal 8GB memory. A microSD slot supports additional memory. The low-noise, three-mic system allows stereo recording without the use of external microphones.

Recording time, battery status, stereo volume meters, and more are shown on the 2" backlit LCD color display. Audition files in either slow, normal, or fast playback speed via the built-in 11 x 15mm speaker, or connect your favorite headphones to the 3.5mm headphone jack for isolated listening.

The DVT7110 VoiceTracer is powered by a built-in, rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery, which provides up to 36 hours of recording time. Its high-speed USB 2.0 Type-C interface allows you to connect it to a computer running macOS, Windows, or Linux.

Three High-Fidelity Microphones

Several key components are needed to record sound as naturally as possible with studio-like audio quality. The recorder features high signal-to-noise ratio, dynamic microphones to capture soft tones as well as loud drums, a high-quality microphone suspension system to avoid pickup of grip noise, and a strong left and right channel separation for a natural stereo effect.

DSLR Camera Mount for Recording Audio While Filming

Get sound for your videos by using the VoiceTracer as an external sound source. Attach the audio recorder to the top of your camera using the included hot shoe mount and record video and audio simultaneously.

Windscreen for Improved Audio Quality When Recording Outdoors

The included artificial fur windscreen greatly improves audio quality when recording in outdoor environments. The sound-absorbing fuzzy fabric fits snug on the microphone and reduces unwanted wind and surrounding noise.

24-Bit/96 kHz Quality Recording for Capturing Every Detail

The VoiceTracer captures audio in 24-bit/96 kHz. This uncompressed recording makes sure you capture every beat in the most natural and crisp audio quality possible.

Stereo MP3 and PCM Recording

Capture your recordings in stereo, MP3, or WAV formats. These formats allow you to play your files anywhere, and the MP3 format is easy to share with others. The WAV (PCM) format allows stereo recording of lossless, uncompressed sound in CD quality.

8GB Internal Memory for up to 88 Days of Recording

Capture and store up to 88 days of continuous recording thanks to the 8GB of internal memory. The VoiceTracer also has a microSD card slot that supports up to an additional 32GB of storage (card sold separately).

Rechargeable Li-Ion Polymer Battery for Long Recordings

The Li-ion polymer battery is charged through a standard USB Type-C jack that provides up to 36 hours of battery life.

Free Smartphone App for Remote Audio Control

Control your audio recorder using your smartphone even from a distance. The Philips VoiceTracer app allows you to record events like lectures easily and conveniently. You can place your recorder in the front of the room near the speaker, take a seat at the back, and still control recording comfortably without interrupting the lecture. The VoiceTracer app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Smartphone App for Easy Sharing of Recordings

Transfer your recordings straight from your Philips VoiceTracer to your smartphone via Wi-Fi and share them with friends and family using the app. No need to attach the recorder to your computer with a cable.

Large Color Display

The large color display offers clear images and makes it easier to see and read everything at first glance. The user interface supports seven languages and is optimized for easy, intuitive operation.

Audio Scenes Automatically Create Ideal Audio Settings in Any Situation

This VoiceTracer comes with preset scenes that automatically adjust the recorder's audio settings depending on what you want to record. You can record voice notes, audio for speech recognition, interviews, lectures, music, or meetings.

Plug and Play in Windows, macOS, and Linux

This recorder requires no special installation procedures. Just plug your recorder into your computer and play back your files or transfer them to your computer.

Tripod Mount for Optimal Stable Positioning

The integrated tripod thread allows mounting the recorder onto a tripod or camera to capture sound in an optimal and stable position.

Smart Recordings and Playback Functions

Achieve stunning audio results with the smart recording, pre-record, and timer functions. Voice-activated recording allows for hands-free operation, pausing the recording when speech stops and resuming automatically when voice is detected again. Recordings can be edited by overwriting a part or adding a new recording at the end. Long recordings can be split automatically or manually into separate files for easier editing or sharing. Smart playback functions, such as bookmarks and filters, make it easier and quicker to find the recording you want.

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