Practica Musica MacOS/ Windows 3-Year Site License

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Practica Musica 6 3-Year Site License – Music Theory and Ear Training

3-Year Academic Site License for Schools. Includes all upgrades, digital textbook & Webstudents access.

Practica Musica is a complete tutor for both music theory and ear training. With a friendly coordinated onscreen textbook and hundreds of interactive learning activities, it provides a fun learning experience for both beginners and advanced students.

With this software, users can:

  • learn to read music
  • improve their musical ear
  • use the digital copy of the Exploring Theory Textbook
  • interact with the program
  • write their own music
  • go beyond the basics with music theory and ear training exercises for the more advanced student
  • track students' progress
  • export MIDI files
  • and more.

A complete course

Practica Musica 6 is a complete music theory and ear-training software program. It covers not only a wide range of topics but also a wide range of difficulty: everything from the most basic starting exercise to advanced topics. Learn to hear the materials of music, learn to read and understand music notation, study melody construction, voiceleading, and harmonization. By combining the software with the included textbook and its music examples you can go as far as you like.

Easy to navigate.

Practica Musica 6 has a new look - its 225 learning activities are organized into a book-like table of contents that helps you to find the activities that are right for you. You can locate a learning activity by topic, by name, or take a guided course.

Includes new digital textbook

Exploring Theory with Practica Musica. The digital 3rd edition is revised and expanded, with many new music examples presented as movies within the pages.

Music Theory Topics:

  • Note Reading: Single Pitches
  • Pitch names
  • Intervals
  • Transposition and Inversion
  • Single Chords
  • Chord Progressions
  • Scales and Key Signatures
  • Meter
  • Note Reading: Intervals
  • Note Reading: Rhythm Reading
  • Note Reading: Melodic Pitches
  • Note Reading: Pitch and Rhythm
  • Voice Leading
  • Analysis of Harmony, Texture, etc.
  • Notational Devices
  • Composition

Ear-Training Topics:

  • Single Pitches
  • Intervals
  • Single Chords
  • Scales
  • Meter
  • Pitch Only
  • Rhythm Only
  • Pitch and Rhythm Together
  • Chord Progressions
  • Hearing Form and Texture

System Requirements:

Practica Musica 6 runs on Macintosh computers with OS 10.4 or later (including Lion), and on Windows computers with WinXP, Vista, or Win7. For Windows computers we recommend connecting an external "MIDI" sound device if you're interested in doing real-time rhythm tapping activities; for activities that don't involve playing notes in time the built-in sound is enough. On Macs the built-in sound is all you need even for rhythm tapping, though you can connect an external device if you want to.

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