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Microsoft EES for K12 Schools & Colleges

How it Works

The new Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) program is a subscription based licensing program that is designed to make licensing Microsoft software and services far easier and more cost-effective. Instead of counting and licensing computers, schools are licensed on the basis of full time equivalent (FTE) faculty and staff count. Licensed software, and any product upgrades and downgrades available during their 12-month subscription term, may then be deployed on all school owned or school leased computers.

Microsoft’s EES is simple, smart and affordable, making it easier to provide 21st Century learning. All this while reducing costs, and eliminating adminstrative and compliance headaches.

Getting Started with Microsoft EES:
Participating in EES is simple. Just follow these three steps:

  • Count the number of Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) employees —including faculty, staff and student employees. Use this formula for counting your FTE -
    FTE Calculator
  • Place an order for one or more "Desktop Platform Products" for a quantity equal to the FTE count. Available desktop platform products include –
    • Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise Upgrade
    • Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 and Office for Mac 2016
    • Microsoft Core CAL Suite
    • Microsoft Enterprise CAL Suite
    • Microsoft Education Desktop with Core CAL Suite
    • Microsoft Education Desktop with Enterprise CAL Suite
  • Place an order for any additional products, including Online Services or server products in any quantity you need.

Once a customer licenses a product organization-wide, all institution-owned or leased devices and all faculty and staff in its organization are covered for use of that product. The institution’s students can also use the licensed product on computers in classrooms or open access labs.

Authorized Reseller: Genesis Technologies Inc. is an Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller.


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