Qtopia Single Teacher 1-Year Subscription

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Qtopia Single Teacher 1-Year Subscription

Single Teacher – 1-Year Subscription License - gives a single classroom (36 students) access to state-aligned curriculum.

Qtopia is out-of-this-world learning. Qtopia is an online learning platform that offers thousands of ready-to-use activities that can be completed outside of the classroom. Foster the “Flipped Classroom” model of instruction by assigning appropriate grade-level and ability-level materials for completion outside the school day. Track student completion of assignments in real-time, and view data to help make instructional decisions for the next day. Qtopia is customizable and ‘Click Play’ simple.

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Search through activities covering a wide range of core subjects to identify those most appropriate for an individual student, small group, or the whole class. Select from ready-to-use courses, such as ReadySet standards-aligned curriculum, or create custom courses depending on need.


Assign activities for completion outside of the class walls. Encourage students to take ownership of their learning as they work through problems independently. ReadySet curriculum includes explanation slides, so even if a student doesn’t readily understand, he can navigate through the explanation for clarification.


Motivation and excitement about learning remain high with Qtopia’s avatar and gaming features. Students can earn credits to “buy” fun and creative tools for their personal avatars. If a student answers a question correctly, he can play a self-selected game intermittently. Unlike other assignments, he will probably ask for more!


Monitor student performance on all assigned courses, including who has completed an assignment, who has reached mastery on specific skills, and the average score for each activity. Gradebook provides detailed information, including data in easy-to-read graphs.

Why Qtopia?

  • Save time and money. Get ready-to-use materials, including thousands of online tests, quizzes, lessons, activities, and learning objects. Online homework and classwork delivery reduces printing costs and all are graded automatically.
  • Have fun! Students work at their own pace through interactive lessons, earning points to build their own avatar. Built-in games offer additional motivation and healthy competition.
  • Easily Tailor instruction. Use comprehensive assessment tools that can include state-aligned curriculum, reporting, and tracking tools.
  • The Curriculum - Common Core & State-Aligned Content. Choose from hundreds of question/answer slide sets and thousands of lessons including topics from 1:1 object-number correspondence to high school algebra. Students practice important skills in Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.
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