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Qwizdom Q2/Q7 Student Response System 24 Remote Set

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Qwizdom Q2/Q7 Student Response System 24 Remote Set

Student Response system that includes (1) Qwizdom Q7 Wireless Instructor Tablet and (24) Qwizdom Q2 Student Remotes.

Qwizdom’s easy-to-use student response systems help teachers get started quickly and achieve their goals faster. Our classroom response solutions are designed to give teachers the real-time assessment data they need to monitor and adjust instruction for maximum student benefit.

All student response solutions are used in conjunction with Qwizdom Connect software suite, providing teachers with instant feedback, automatic grading, and reporting in a variety of formats. This saves teachers time and makes it easier to track collective and individual student progress.

The student clicker relies on radio frequency to operate, meaning teachers can use it anytime and anyplace in the school, sharing the resources and being able to rely on its functionality with no concerns about Wi-Fi connectivity or online distractions for students.

Qwizdom offers a number of Student Response Systems (SRS) with a variety of different functions, so teachers can choose the model best suited to their teaching methods and objectives.

Qwizdom Q7 Presenter Tablet

The Q7 Presenter Tablet combines RF technology and presenter controls that allow teachers to move freely around the classroom while still maintaining control of the display. The Q7 Tablet can be used alone as a presenting tool – teachers can draw, annotate, and control computer applications – and in conjunction with the Qwizdom response solutions. Notes, presentation indicators, and student responses can all be viewed from the Q7’s LCD screen.

Q2 Student Remote

Eco-friendly, lightweight, affordable, and simple to use makes the Q2 a great option for use with students of all ages. A revolutionary, lower-powered E-Ink SURFTM display extends the life of the two AAA batteries well over a school year with typical use. The handset supports five different question types including multiple choice, single numeric, rating scale, true/false, and yes/no.

Why Q2:

  • Ideal for Assessing understanding
  • Ideal for Quizzes and tests


  • Two-way RF technology based on 802.15.4 IEEE standard
  • Custom E-InkTM display
  • Right/wrong feedback capability
  • USB receiver (host)
  • Dimensions: 5.2 x 11.5 x 1.6 (cm) (WxHxD)
  • Supports the following question types: Multiple Choice, Single Numeric, Rating Scale, Yes/No, True/False
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