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Robert McNeel Brazil 2.0 Classroom Lab Pack

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Robert McNeel Brazil 2.0 - High Performance, Integrated Rendering for Rhino 3D

30-User Lab license for sale to schools. This is a full featured product with the same features as the commercial version.

School Lab License can be used to install the software on up to 30 computers in a single classroom or lab (one room). A network is not required.

School Lab License can also be installed as a 30‑user floating network license. A network and the Zoo is required (The Zoo lets you share Rhino, Flamingo, Penguin, Brazil, and Bongo licenses (CD-Keys) among users on the same network workgroup. The Zoo is free, and can be downloaded from here.

Top artists and designers from every type of industry rely on the Brazil 2.0 render engine for their most demanding work. Whether showing off the latest designs for a new mobile phone, doing site-accurate visualizations for a new resort-hotel, or generating images of your newest jewelry designs, Brazil 2.0 can help you create stellar imagery quickly and easily.

Product Design. Brazil can help you visualize your designs in a wide range of styles from high-quality photorealistic renderings, to easy to understand line drawings and illustrations.

Jewelry Design. Brazil is the ideal renderer for the hard-surfaces and complex light interaction needed by jewelry designers. Diffusion in materials along with HDRI lighting create brillance in gemstones.Realistic lighting through caustic photon reflections and refractions. Advanced camera features, like depth-of-field, help show scale and make your renderings look like photographs.

Transportation Design. Sharp rendering and multilevel materials allow Brazil to simulate the complex material finishes needed for planes, trains and automobiles.

Architectural Design. Brazil's render engine has the performance and flexibility to render all forms of exteriors, interiors and landscaping.

Brazil 2.0 for Rhino requires Rhino 4.0 or greater.

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