STEAMtrax Kit E - Making A Magnet Mining Machine Grade 3

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STEAMtrax is an innovative new curriculum that integrates engineering and 3D printing technology with core academic knowledge in science, math, language arts, social studies, and art. In the true spirit of the Framework for 21st Century learning skills, students are engaged in relevant learning scenarios that encourage the essential skills of problem solving, collaboration, communication, clear and critical thinking as well as developing core academic knowledge. Each lesson imbeds 3D design, printing and scanning technology as an integral part of the STEAMtrax Engineering Process.

This set features accompanying hands-on materials for teaching the Making a Magnet Mining Machine grade 3 module. The materials are organized for quick classroom set-up. As part of this Physical Science module, students study environmental problems caused by careless mining in the Iron Range of Minnesota, and discover ways that the properties of magnets can be used to solve problems caused by iron ore residue or tailings ad restore the area. This kit contains enough materials for up to 32 students. Materials are organized and labeled for quick classroom set-up. Kit components have been certified by CPSIA with Children's Product Certificate.


  • Problem–based, thematic storylines make learning relevant and fun
  • Hands-on, constructivist learning stations to clarify science concepts
  • Integration of 3D design, printing, and scanning built into each module
  • Engineering Project Design Process encourages critical thinking
  • Variety of formative and summative assessments, including rubrics
  • Flexible modules easily align to NGSS or state standards
  • Available in digital or print platform
  • Hands-on science kits available for each module

Science Concepts:

  • Properties of Matter
  • Magnets
  • Mixtures
  • Forces
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