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Professional Music Notation software for students, teachers, schools, non-profit organizations and churches.

Includes USB e-Licenser inside the box.

Steinberg Dorico 3 Pro — the next-generation music notation software

Dorico helps you to write music notation, automatically producing printed results of exceptional quality — and plays it back with breathtaking realism. It is easy enough for anyone to learn, yet has hundreds of advanced notations, features, options and sounds to satisfy even the most demanding professionals.

Steinberg’s Dorico Pro offers top-shelf notation writing and printing, along with ultra-realistic playback of your compositions. Despite being packed to the gills with powerful features, this scoring software is a breeze to use. Not only is its streamlined user interface a piece of cake to navigate, it also boasts cutting-edge artificial intelligence that automatically rewrites your notation. The result? You spend more time composing and less time making corrections. Dorico Pro gives you DTP-quality page layout features and engraves music better than most experienced engravers. What’s more, you get a built-in sequencer and third-party VST3 support. Whether you’re a composer, arranger, or score writer, Dorico Pro is an excellent notation and composing application.

  • Fast, flexible workflows
  • Ideal for teaching and learning
  • Unrivalled musical intelligence
  • Beautiful, modern design

What you can do with Dorico Pro 3

Compose: Composing, arranging — or just writing and printing out music — is made much quicker and more efficient with Dorico. Thanks to its intelligent design, it automatically adjusts the notation as you write. With nearly 1,500 sounds included, arrangements can be played back with exceptional realism and, with no workarounds needed for advanced notation, Dorico produces excellent results much more quickly than has been possible before.

Learn: With its streamlined, natural user interface, students and those with less experience in scoring can compose and arrange straight into Dorico, making learning the language of music notation much faster and more intuitive. Editing and making changes — such as instrument, time signature or key — are straightforward, with the notation instantly and correctly adapting to include them, reinforcing the learning outcome. For teachers, producing teaching materials and hand-outs that mix music and text is easy, and it’s never been quicker to adapt arrangements for your band, orchestra or other school ensemble.

Publish: Dorico is the perfect tool for music engraving, publishing and copying. It automatically lays out pages of balance and beauty, with comprehensive collision avoidance and advanced algorithms that handle almost any musical context with ease. Music made with Dorico has the look of the finest traditionally engraved music, and the software provides tweaking tools to satisfy the most demanding professional. Producing high-quality, crystal-clear scores for selling or performance has never been faster or easier.

Steinberg Dorico 3 – Key Features:

  • Developed by musicians for musicians
  • Created using Steinberg's award-winning 32-bit/192kHz audio engine
  • Video support using the same powerful engine as Cubase and Nuendo
  • Automatically produce a conductor’s score with a single click
  • Generate tablature for instruments with any number of strings
  • Support for left- and right-hand guitar notation
  • Playback templates for quick setup of your playback preferences
  • Soundiron Olympus Choir Micro for building gorgeous choir arrangements
  • Benefit from automatic calculation of harp pedal changes
  • Group playing techniques to align them together, and show transitions from one to another
  • Leave reminders to yourself or for your collaborators
  • Enhanced lyrics editing with smart copy and paste to and from other software
  • Velocity and pitch bend editing provide richer controls for tweaking playback
  • Playback of discrete-note glissandos, automatically taking harp pedal changes into account
  • New tokens for music symbols with a new context menu
  • Automatic notation of natural and artificial harmonics
  • Revamped Project Info dialog enables easy project metadata management
  • Editable mutual exclusion for techniques, absolute, and relative channel changes, primary and secondary volume types, and more
  • Refined user interface plays nice with macOS’s Dark Mode
  • Included HALion libraries bring your creations to life
  • Included FX suite includes a top-end compressor, brickwall limiter, and more
  • Smart staff management tools and support for rhythm slashes
  • Support for two time signature conventions — one for the scoring stage and one for the concert hall
  • System Track makes adding and deleting bars, as well as selecting and copying music a piece of cake
  • Explode and Reduce tools quickly paste music to more or fewer players
  • Multipaste pastes material to multiple instruments in a single step
  • Cutting-edge artificial intelligence automatically rewrites notation while you're inserting, deleting, and editing
  • Wizard-like workflow breaks up compositions into 5 modes
  • Adjust presentational elements without affecting your composition
  • Compose using your computer keyboard or MIDI controller
  • Streamlined interface is a breeze to use
  • Sequencer-style piano roll MIDI editor
  • DTP-quality page layout features
  • Engraves music better than most experienced engravers
  • Petaluma handwritten music font was inspired by the hand-copying style of a famous series of jazz standards books
  • Default note spacing is tailored for ease of reading
  • Powerful editing features — change note length of existing notes
  • Unlimited movements, sections, staves, and pieces within a project
  • Supports open meter — essential for modern composers
  • Imports/exports in MusicXML, MIDI, and graphical formats

Steinberg Dorico Pro 3 – System Requirements:

  • Operating systems (Windows) - Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Operating systems (Mac) - macOS Sierra, macOS High Sierra, macOS Mojave
  • CPU minimum - 64-bit Intel or AMD multi-core
  • CPU recommended - Intel i5 or faster
  • RAM minimum - 4 GB
  • RAM recommended - 8 GB
  • Hard disk free space - 12 GB
  • OS compatible audio hardware
  • ASIO compatible audio hardware recommended for low-latency performance
  • Internet connection for installer download, license activation, account sign up and product registration
  • Notes - This software does not support 32-bit plug-ins.
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