See how Swivl is being used acrros the country. From blended learning to teacher collaboration and more.
Personalizing Lecture Learning Keeping Sick and Homebound Students on Track
Personalizing Lecture Learning
San Diego State University’s associate professor of Chemistry used Swivl to incorporate video into his class lectures and added new learning and review options for his students so they could access information as they need it.
Keeping Sick and Homebound Students on Track
In a perfect classroom, every student enrolled would be in their seat every day. But in the real world, where students miss school for various reasons, make-up work can cause stress. A high school English teacher in Michigan was able to use Swivl to keep students on track.
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Managing Classroom Behavior Co-Teaching
Managing Classroom Behavior
At one of the nation's poorest districts in the Bronx, NY, a middle school English teacher used Swivl to record and analyze a student with particularly disruptive behavior. Upon the student seeing his own actions he had a greater sense of self-awareness and was able to take control of his behavior.
The traditional co-teaching model has one teacher serve as a lecturer, while the other answers student questions and provides personalized teaching. See how a sixth grade teacher in Savanah, GA was able to implement a "co-teaching model" without the help of another teacher.
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