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Texas Instruments TI-73 Explorer Graphing Calculator (10-Pack)

SKU: 736069


Texas Instruments TI-73 Explorer Graphing Calculator

TI 73 Graphics Calculator Teachers Pack (Blue) is a Teachers pack of 10 calculators, 3 guidebooks, classroom poster, transparency and unit to unit link cables.

Includes the fraction features of the popular Math Explorer, enhanced with the power of a graphing calculator. Works with the TI-Navigator System. Features: 7 statistical plots, pictographs, pie charts, bar charts, and stacked fractions.

Take a look at TI’s next-generation handheld designed especially for grades 6-8. The TI-73 Explorer joins our popular line of handheld technology, providing a larger screen alternative for teachers who feel limited by the two-line display of other fraction and scientific models.

The TI-73 Explorer is completely compatible with existing TI-73 classroom accessories and related curricular materials for upper elementary through lower middle grades, from fractions through pre-algebra.

Enhance your students’ learning experience with the new TI-73 Explorer, which serves as a bridge between the TI-15 Explorer and the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition.

TI-73 Explorer Graphing Calculator Key Features:

  • Fraction Functions
  • Data Collection with CBR and CBL 2
  • Data Analysis and Plotting
  • Constants - Developing Number Patterns
  • Conversions
  • Graphing
  • Upgradeable Operating System and Software
  • TI-GRAPH LINK cable available for computer connectivity