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Texas Instruments TI-34 MultiView Scientific Calculator EZ-Spot Classroom 10-Pack

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Texas Instruments MultiView TI-34 Calculator

TI-34 Multi View EZ Spot Teacher Kit. Teacher Kit with EZ Spot yellow calculators with "School Property" on the front. Contains ten (10) calculators, one (1) storage caddy, one (1) poster, and one (1) set of instructional materials in English and Spanish.

Intermediate, four-line scientific calculator with advanced fraction capabilities for middle school math and science. Multi-line scientific for middle grades students. Ideal for teaching and learning fractions. Key benefits: see math expressions and symbols in proper math notation and view multiple calculations on the screen at the same time.

Keep track of your school calculators with EZ-Spot Teacher Packs. Each of these calculators comes with a bright, easy-to-spot, "school bus yellow" back cover and slide case.

MultiView TI-34 Key Features:

  • Four-line display
  • One- and two-variable statistics
  • MathPrint feature
  • Advanced fraction capabilities
  • Step-by-step fraction simplification
  • Edit, cut, and paste entries
  • Solar and battery powered
  • Easily identifiable due to the EZ-Spot style

View more calculations at a time

Four-line display allows you to enter more than one calculation, compare results and explore patterns, all on the same screen.

MathPrint feature

Use the MathPrint feature to display expressions, symbols, and fractions just as they appear in textbooks.

Explore fractions

Explore fraction simplification, integer division and constant operators.

Investigate patterns

Explore patterns via list conversions to see different number formats like decimal, fraction and percent side-by-side.

Exam acceptance

The TI-34 MultiView scientific calculator is approved for use on SAT, ACT, and AP exams.

MultiView TI-34 is Ideal for

  • Middle School math
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra 1 and 2
  • General science
  • Geometry
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Manufacturer Texas Instruments