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Utopic Persystent Suite 12-Month Subscription

SKU: 851101



Self-healing workstations reduce help desk incidents by 70%. Get users back up and running in seconds.

Why are you still re-imaging machines? Utopic's Persystent Suite can self-heal any PC in about 45 seconds. It can repair and recover from malware infection or catastrophic hard drive failure in the time it takes to reboot a device. It does this whether you are on or off the network. This eliminates the productivity-killing process of re-imaging and restores integrity of your devices across the entire enterprise.

When the only IT constant is change:  Our next-generation self-healing advantage responds in real time to unauthorized changes that might put your system at risk. Restore any device in your enterprise back to optimal conditions...on demand or automatically. Whether 1 or 10,000 at a time, our innovative suite easily achieves IT integrity faster, and less disruptive than any current alternative. It doesn’t just report a problem - it fixes it without costly technician intervention.

Utopic Persystent Suite: 4 key functions, one comprehensive suite.


  • Automatically restores end user PCs to its last known desired state.
  • Eliminates malware infections, removes unwanted changes in real-time
  • Recovers from catastrophic hard drive failure
  • Reduces need costly for on-site intervention


  • 75% faster than others on the market
  • More flexible file-level imaging, not sector by sector
  • USB for remote imaging and disaster recovery capability
  • Lightning fast updates and patching, minimal disruption
  • Integrates with drive encryption solutions


  • Customized and reportable enforcement for any user group based on industry or public regulatory requirements
  • NEW! Securely erases hard disk containing sensitive data (DoD and NIST recommended)
  • Most security tools only identify or alert, Persystent responds and fixes


  • Recovery from hard drive failure/corruption
  • No roll back to Day Zero (unless required); profiles, settings are untouched
  • Coordinated OS transitions (including WinXP to Win 7 or 8)