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V-Ray 3 Workstation for Maya

SKU: 396171


Eligible for FREE Shipping
Eligible for FREE Shipping

V-Ray 3.3 for Maya is the preferred rendering engine for the Film & VFX industry. The rendering engine delivers uncompromising stability, interactivity, ease of use and unprecedented speed and the vast multitude of features makes it the premier choice for the discerning professionals. Render most scenes up to 20-50% faster with V-Ray 3.3 for Maya.

V-Ray 3.3 for Maya enables the rendering of even larger scenes with greater complexity and artists can rely on a faster rendering process.

  • V-Ray 3.3 is compatible with Autodesk Maya 2012 and later (64-bit only)
  • View the Feature & Usage Guide for V-Ray 3.1 for Maya which includes tutorials and technical information here
  • System requirements can be viewed here
  • This V-Ray 3.3 for Maya includes:
    • 1 User Interface floating license
    • 1 USB Dongle
    • 1 Universal Render Node floating license
    • Additional render nodes may be purchased separately
  • Volume and educational discounts available

What's new in V-Ray 3.3 for Maya?

  • New image sampler - new Variance-based Adaptive Sampler [VBAS] with better noise detection for cleaner, higher quality images.
  • Automatic sampling of lights & materials - by default, the new Variance-based Adaptive Sampler evaluates lights and materials automatically. Now, setup is quicker and easier with fewer settings to adjust.
  • GPU production rendering - V-Ray RT GPU is now available as a final frame production renderer.
  • V-Ray scene file node
  • V-Ray Clipper w/ render-time booleans
  • Hosek sky & Aerial perspective
  • Ray traced rounded corners
  • Triplanar mapping
  • Stochastic flakes
  • V-Ray falloff texture

Important updates to V-Ray 3.3 for Maya

  • Faster volume rendering
  • Improved GPU rendering
  • Improved global illumination
  • Look development
  • OpenSubdiv 3.0
  • XGen improvements
  • Refined and simplified UI