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Wizteach School Site License

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Wizteach School Site License

WizTeach is interactive teaching software that is designed for use with any interactive whiteboard, interactive or standard projector, and any touch screen hardware.

The WizTeach Solution

With a collection of interactive tools covering a broad range of subject areas, WizTeach will work alongside any software application, curriculum content, and live over the Internet, helping teachers maximize their resources when teaching.

WizTeach is available in 38 languages for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu Linux.

WizTeach is designed to enhance lesson content and encourage active participation in the classroom.

The WizTeach games are fun and increase student learning and motivation. They can be played to raise retention levels, engaging even reluctant or “shy” learners, and boost collaboration in the classroom.

What are the benefits for teachers?

  • Combines seamlessly with teacher’s desktop
  • Extensive resource library
  • Stores user settings, emphasizing ease-of-use
  • Fits on any screen resolution, regardless of screen size

Mathematics - Interactive Math Tools

WizTeach has a range of mathematics tools, including number, measurement, geometry, and graphing tools, which can be used to add a dynamic tone to a lesson. The mathematics tools are designed to improve understanding for students by providing them with an interactive, visual experience allowing for collaboration on creating and solving of problems.

Science - Interactive Science Tools

Use the interactive periodic table to view detailed information about each element or pose questions. There are a variety of uses for the Science tools, including helping students identify features of various elements in detail, build molecules and create and break bonds between them, and use biology animations to show the inner working of the body.

Geography - Interactive Geography Tools

WizTeach geography tools provide a whole new approach to facilitating lessons and activities. Bring life to lessons by collecting accurate weather data using Weather Bug, incorporating weather symbols and thermometer tools to augment data, and using a variety of maps via the Google map application. Geography tools allow teachers to bring lessons into the real world, showing real locations and real time data.

Literacy - Interactive Literacy/Language Tools

WizTeach literacy tools and games help turn the classroom into a vibrant and interactive learning zone. Provide new ways for students to explore the wonderful world of words with activtities such as Word and Sentence Builder, Word Scramble, and Word Hunt. Help students to discover and learn new ways to identify new words and their meanings.