Yamaha PSRA3000 61-Key Arranger Keyboard

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The Yamaha PSRA3000 61-Key Arranger Keyboard is a 61-key arranger workstation featuring voices and styles from around the world. The many unique characteristics of the Super Articulation Voices are faithfully reproduced, including vibrato, tremolo, and more. Other voices have been further enhanced with "Mono Legato," a feature that allows for playing trill phrases on string instruments for example, without using the joystick. For simple intuitive control, the unit is equipped with a large color LCD for monitoring the status of the instrument at a glance, while providing easy access to performance functions.

The single, easily-configured joystick does provide intuitive control of pitch and modulation, while other features such as filter, style track-mute, and more can be assigned and changed in real time. The Audio Link Multi-Pad function enables the linking of custom audio files (sound effects, vocal phrases, etc.,) and triggering them from the Multi Pads while playing. When incorporating audio backing tracks from a music library into a performance, the time-stretch, pitch-shift, and vocal-cancel functions of the USB audio player become valuable tools.

Custom Voices and Drum kits can be created using Yamaha Expansion Manager by simply using samples from the user's library (WAV, AIF, AIFF, SF2) and editing a range of parameters on a computer using the Yamaha Expansion Manager. This original content can even be shared with friends. Or one can choose content from various Voice & Style Expansion Packs and create a personalized pack to install. A portable music player can also be connected to the auxiliary input terminal to add an additional element to a performance. The sound system in the unit has also been refined, delivering a more powerful and punchy sound compared to previous versions.

Yamaha PSRA3000 61-Key Arranger Keyboard – Key Features:

  • 997 Voices, 58 Drum/SFX kits, and 480 XG Voices, including 171 Oriental Voices and 25 Oriental Kits
  • 107 Super Articulation Voices, including Oriental Super Articulation Voices
  • 400 preset styles, including all-new DJ Styles and Oriental Styles
  • Assignable joystick for more dynamic live performance - assign combination of parameters such as filter, and style track muting
  • Scale-Tuning and Scale-Setting Buttons support any type of tuning
  • Arpeggio function provides instant access to a library of phrases
  • Time-stretch, pitch-shift, and vocal-cancel functions are added to USB audio playback
  • Redesign of sound system with new speaker enclosure, plus new Master EQ and Master Compressor functions
  • Various effects, including Real Distortion and Real Reverb can be applied to performances
  • Drum Setup function in Style Creator for editing the drum kit for Style Performance
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