Tips and Tricks for Mastering Dragon Medical Practice Edition

Tips and Tricks for Mastering Dragon Medical Practice Edition

Tips and Tricks for Mastering Dragon Medical Practice Edition

While Dragon Medical Practice Edition, the leading front-end speech recognition solution, is easy to use, it features many abilities that may not be obvious at first glance. Here’s a few tips and tricks to help you really master this powerful software.

Best Practices

1. Minimize any background noise where you are dictating. Not only can this produce poor recognition results, but it can also eventually spoil your voice profile.

2. Make sure that the software microphone is only on when you’re dictating or giving a command. It should otherwise remain off. You don’t want accidental dictation landing in the wrong field of your patient encounter. You can go back and fix it (if you catch the mistake), but we know you want it right the first time.

3. Make sure that your physical microphone and the source you have currently selected in Dragon Medical match. If they do not, you are likely to get poor speech recognition results—and you run the risk of ruining the profile itself.

4. Do a periodic audio check. From the DragonBar, click Audio > Check microphone. This will ensure that the volume you are speaking at, and the distance you place the microphone at, are properly accounted for.

5. Don’t let other people speak into your profile. Dragon Medical thinks your voice sounds like you—and you’ll want to keep it that way. Doing otherwise will effectively ruin your profile. One exception is during the audio and quality checks: you may use a stand-in for these without risk of confusing the application.

Dictating Numbers

If in any situation, you need to dictate a series of numbers and you don’t want the Dragon to interpret the series as words, use Number mode. A practical instance where this is necessary would be while you are dictating a Microsoft Excel file or any other spreadsheet program. To turn the number mode on, simply say “Numbers Mode On” or “Start Numbers Mode”. To Turn OFF the same say “Numbers Mode Off” or “Stop Numbers Mode” or “Switch to Normal Mode”.

Dictating dates on Dragon Medical Practice Edition is easy. You can dictate dates in the usual way, and numbers using typical speech like zeros as “zero” or “oh”. For dictating times of day, you will need to say colon (:), “a, m” and “p, m” whenever necessary. “o’clock” is also allowed while you are dictating something like 9:00am or 9:00pm. For example, 7:00pm would be said as “7, o’clock, pm”. Next, for telephone numbers you will have to explicitly say hyphen (-) other than that there is no change. While dictating fractions, you can use the usual ways such as one half, one fourth, three fourth, one sixteenths, seven eighths etc. If the fraction has a denominator greater than 10 then use “slash or over “. For example, to dictate 4/13, say “four slash thirteen or four over thirteen”.

Where can physicians purchase Dragon Medical?

Here at Genesis Technologies, we’re a Nuance-authorized Dragon Reseller, meaning we have access to all Dragon products. And because our team is support-trained for Dragon, we’re able to provide lifetime support for all our licenses. Whether you want a single license or need to outfit your entire practice, Genesis Technologies has you covered.

Ready to get started? Want a price quote or live demonstration? Head over to the Dragon Medical Practice Edition page on our site or call our office at 800-433-6326.