Symantec Endpoint Protection – The Complete On-Premise Endpoint Security Solution

March 22, 2024
Symantec Endpoint Protection – the Complete On-Premise Endpoint Security Solution
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Symantec Endpoint Protection is an endpoint security platform that defends businesses from both malware and targeted attacks—protecting against new and unknown threats. With a central management console, IT professionals can manage the detection of advanced threats such as cyber threats, malware, phishing attacks and more.

Symantec Endpoint Protection uses Symantec’s insight and analytics platform to collect and collate cybersecurity data from over 200 million systems in 200-plus countries. It uses this data to identify and create a security rating for every file accessed through the Internet. As a result, it stops targeted attacks and advanced, persistent security threats with a degree of protection that far exceeds the capacities of traditional antivirus software.

Deployed as an on-premise solution, Symantec Endpoint Protection offers unified management across physical and virtual platforms, with granular security policy controls for enhanced flexibility and scalability.

Symantec Endpoint Protection is designed for maximum efficiency, enabling hardware to run faster and last longer for performance, and runs on several operating systems, including Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The complete suite is a good fit for medium-sized businesses seeking a more comprehensive range of protection.

Symantec Endpoint Protection – Core Capabilities:

  • Antivirus – scans and eradicates malware that arrives on a system.
  • Firewall and Intrusion Prevention – blocks malware before it spreads to the machine and controls traffic.
  • Application and Device Control – controls file, registry, and device access and behavior; also offers hitelisting and blacklisting.
  • Power Eraser – an aggressive tool, which can be triggered remotely, to address advanced persistent threats and remedy tenacious malware.
  • Host Integrity – ensures endpoints are protected and compliant by enforcing policies, detecting unauthorized changes, and conducting damage assessments with the ability to isolate a managed system that does not meet your requirements.
  • System Lockdown – allows whitelisted applications (known to be good) to run, or block blacklisted applications (known to be bad) from running.

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