What Are The Benefits Of Choosing Veritas For Your Server Backups?

March 22, 2024
What Are the Benefits of Choosing Veritas for Your Server Backups?
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Veritas Backup Exec is the backup solution without barriers, delivered your way. You choose what to back up, where to store it and how to pay for it. Your data remains secure and available at every stage—whether backing up on-premises to the cloud, protecting workloads within the cloud, recovering from the cloud or connecting to on-prem storage. WithInstant Cloud Recovery, Backup Exec integrates directly with Azure SiteRecovery to ensure data and application availability with cloud-based disaster recovery.

Veritas Backup Exec is available for purchase in either perpetual or term subscription licensing, with the level of functionality you require—Bronze,Silver or Gold. Bronze edition offers the most economic option. Silveredition offers the most-used features. Gold edition includes all features and functionality available in Backup Exec. Your purchase is based on the amount of front-end data you need to back up. Your chosen license-set is available in whatever quantities you require.

Veritas Backup Exec enables you to meet your organization’s data protection expectations by reducing the time it takes to back up and recover critical information, apps and servers. With Backup Exec you can mitigate the risk and cost of downtime by using a wide variety of flexible backup and recovery methods. Whether you are using disk, tape or cloud, your information can be easily and reliably recovered. Fast, cost-effective, multi-cloud backup for confidence and choice With more cloud storage integration choices available, Backup Exec makes moving your backups to the cloud simple with one-click cloud storage integration. Get unified cloud data protection with end-to-end deduplication and certified cloud connectors for industry-leading cloud providers at lower cost and less risk—no matter where the data resides.

Advanced integration with VMware and Hyper-V Backup Exec offers full protection for your virtual environment and Software-Defined Data Center including new Software-Defined Storage features like VMware® Virtual SAN and Virtual Volumes. Recover what you need, when and where you need it. Easily create stand-by virtual copies of your physical systems for disaster recovery in minutes, or for general P2V migrations. Veritas Backup Exec addresses VM sprawl by automatically identifying and protecting new VMs as they appear so you can be assured your VMs are protected from day one.

It helps minimize backup windows, decrease network traffic and reduce disk space required for storing backup data. The new deduplication to cloud reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) with comprehensive dedupe to cloud that can save storage and infrastructure cost.

Not every backup solution has the flexibility to protect all of your organization’s information—whether cloud, virtual and physical. Choose the data protection architecture that works for you, rather than letting the software dictate your setup. Back up anything to virtually any storage device, and restore early anywhere. From VMs, to entire servers, applications, single files and folders or granular application objects, Backup Exec is the single solution for all of your data protection needs.

Genesis Technologies Inc, is an Authorized Veritas Backup Exec Reseller. We offer great prices and solutions for Schools and Colleges, Local, State and Federal Government customers, Small and Medium Business, and IRS 501c3 Non-Profit Organizations and Churches. Contact us for more information on Veritas Backup Exec.

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